Need advice with fur collar on CHP jacket

Discussion in 'Moto / Utility Jackets' started by shadowrider, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. shadowrider

    shadowrider New Member

    Hello everyone,
    new to the forum even though I've been lurking for some time...

    I've asked the same question on TFL but I'm posting here as well since that was not of much help.
    I have a CHP police leather jacket made by San Diego Leather. Here's a pic:


    The collar on the jacket is now pretty ruined, and I am going to have SDL replace it. While I am at it, I was going to have them install a mouton collar, since I no longer have a jacket with one.
    But now I'm wondering if that's not a bad idea. The thing is, the jacket has collar snaps the way an A-2 does, snapping down near the zipper (while if a fur collared jacket has snaps on the body for the collar, they are usually more spread out, close to the shoulders).

    The options I considered are:
    1- put snaps under the new fur collar, to be snapped down as if it wasn't fur (but I feel it would look awkward for a fur collar to "stand up" like that)
    2- do not put snaps under the new collar, and perhaps remove the snaps on the jacket body too (going to leave holes)
    3- have SDL (or someone else) make a removable collar (this is probably what makes more sense, but I generally dislike removable collars, liners etc., plus that would most likely be more expensive)

    Thoughts, suggestions on said options or on other ones?
    By the way, I know the company usually gets a bad reputation, but I can say I am very satisfied with the jacket.
    Thanks in advance to anyone weighing in!
  2. STEVE S.

    STEVE S. Active Member

    Unless its damaged, the back side of the collar where the snaps are wont be replaced, just the top side changed out for mouton. Personally, I would leave the snaps in place & just not snap the collar down if it looks janky snapped.
  3. unclegrumpy

    unclegrumpy Well-Known Member

    Many police jackets have removable mouton collars, so I would go with that. I bet San Diego Leather sells jackets with them....or did, because that was very common in the 1950's and 1960's. They have a covering on the back, so you can wear the collar up if you like. The removable collars sometimes have an extra set of snaps to hold them in place, so that might be consideration. However, this seems to be an easy decision to me...go removable.
  4. Vcruiser

    Vcruiser Well-Known Member

    EastCentral Indiana
    I would go with a removable mouton collar as well, but then I'm not much for furry collars.
  5. unclegrumpy

    unclegrumpy Well-Known Member

    I agree. Every one of these jackets I have had has ended up with it's furry collar in a drawer.
  6. watchmanjimg

    watchmanjimg Active Member

    Orlando, FL USA
    I recommend a removable mouton collar as originally supplied with the jacket. You may not use it all the time, but at least you'll have the option.
  7. interbak

    interbak Member

    I have to go along with the crowd on this one, removable collar is the way to go.


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