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NAVY jackets

Thomas Koehle

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Just a Collection of piccies of assorted USN jackets i found on the WWW

"nose art" on what seems to me a early "Shawl collar denim jacket" - probably taken at the preps for the D-Day

2 sailors having a break enjoying a "mug o beer" - the one in the Background with a leather jacket (pockets indicate it might be a M422) - the one in the foreground with the zipped, short deckjacket in blue with stencils on his left chest

some fellas with an assortment of leather-gear (think this "shot" was probably already shown on the Forum????)

another 2 guys which seem to freeze their a..es off painting Mission-marks on a plane (definately no PBY) - seems both wear the same short deck-jacket with one stencilled and the other one plaine - also one of them is wearing the fool-weather deck-helmet (anyone interested i got plenty of them for sale)

for me so far one of the most interesting as it Shows a corpsman/medic wearing what seems a M422 to me with a nice redcross-patch with some Kind of comic-character on his chest along what Looks to be a nametag on his left chest - no more Details available to this one

Hope you enjoy and maybe someone has more Details off the individual pics



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That Corpsman is wearing fire gloves and hood. Looks like he is on fire / crash watch for flight operations. I believe they also had the an early version of the big Fahrenheit suits at the time. Interesting....