Named Pilot grouping with MA-1 and Flight Suit

Recently picked up this grouping of Captain (later Major) Henry A. Borfitz. I bought the grouping from the man's son along with some of his own Air Force flight bags. The MA-1 is a size Large, but the label is pretty washed out. Unfortunately, the pocket bags are blown out and the zipper missing teeth and the keeper. I am looking to replace the zipper and fix the pocket bags. Any tips for where to find the right zipper would be appreciated.

I believe Borfitz served in the 68th Air Refueling Squadron as per his bag. You can also see his portrait from the 1943 yearbook of the Childress Army Air Field.


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Nice grouping. The K-2B flight suit is especially nice, those earlier ones with the leg map clip and USAF markings being less common.