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My repro WWII blue N1 deck jacket


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Originals are scarce, very very scarce & should be expensive. So, here my go, I make one myself. It is so scarce that even you search for "original blue N1"/ "WWII blue N1 jacket" etc... in goggle for just an image - there is nothing available !! not to mention the jacket. It is not seen in eBay for at least the past 2 years.
fur comparison.jpg
original N1_1.jpg
real alpaca.jpg

1st thing is material.
I managed to get a true color, 24 wales jungle cloth in dark navy , exactly the same as the original - see the color the original. I don't blow as some said in their website, I post pictures !
Zippers & knits are from Mash. I ordered the olive color zip which is a M43 which is found to be identical to the originals; I will paint the cotton tape into navy. Old McCoy used Mash's blue version M43 which is without the "3" marking in the zipper box & is chrome-finished - not correct
mash zipper - NA- Blue.jpg

The highlight - The real 100% Alpaca lining. The alpaca lining are found to be all different in 3 versions of N1 jkts. the comparison of lining & zipper is done by a seasoned Taiwanese collector - most of you might not have seen it before.
It took me 1 whole year to search for the right lining & have bought several non-complying/ not up to standard lining - just wasted :<
Without getting the exact materials right, I had been putting this project on hold.

The blue's have the longest fur & found to be ALL BROWN in color -no grayish or olive drabish. You can see the grayish 30% alpaca lining in Almost most Buzz repro - it is dead wrong.
The 2nd pattern olive N1 have olive drabish lining and the latter N1 [ most common, without cuff] are with shortest fur length & is grayish in color - see attached.
I searched very very hard for the CORRECT color 100% alpaca lining for the blue N1 & finally I find one !
Enjoy the pictures & will post when it will be finished.
I also custom made [ order] a label with my own drawing closest possible to the original label found.
That is a costs- not -a -matter project , full force project, I am expecting an authenticity level on par with vintage McCoy blue N1 [new McCoy no good] or ABOVE. I have an original 2nd pattern N1 to copy the pattern. I will check, measure & compare for AT LEAST 100 times for the details of the photos of the originals before execution.



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A bit more about my killer strike - the lining.
The real 100% alpaca lining should be double faced.
See an original lining, possibly taken from an early USN overcoat [NXss22342] sold earlier in Ebay, especially for the underside & compared with the lining offered by Bronson/ BD's N1 - they are not Alpaca but mostly wool -while their face might look "similar", their underside is drastically different - sort of a polyester based woven material.:)
real alpaca_1.jpg
real alpaca_2.jpg
real alpaca_3.jpg

RMC label.jpg
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Yes Dave.
Based on it, have a minor adaption to my own fit while try my VERY best to strike a balance of maintaining its main features in cutting & my adaption - i hope" it "should" retain the major cutting characteristics of the original - while at the same time fit me.


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I usu. commission when the costs of it are about or less than 1/3 of the costs of an Original. Since the mkt px of original blue N1 is much expensive, my costs is less than 1/3. It is about 1/2 of a new BR or 3 times a Bronson.