my latest acquisitions


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A curious item I have here for my WWII desktop. I have only ever seen one other listed and it was in highly used condition. This one is minty and matches the used one precisely. it would be easy to make repros of these but if someone went to the trouble to do so and match the print stamp with the exact fonts and size I would think these would come up on eBay or Etsy often but none have ever been listed before or after my purchase. I'm not entirely convinced its WWII vintage but it could be. Not sure what to think of it...
I purchased it from an antique dealer in the UK and it appears to be a Homefront stationary shop item. I could see a soldier on leave purchasing this on his trip into town for stationary supplies. The Venus Pencil Co Ltd. had offices in Ontario and a few US cities and even set up an office in London. my research has revealed nothing of the "War Eraser" even though Venus Pencil Co. did in fact make a variety of rubber erasers with a similar one in size to this one with a different label stamping.