my latest acquisitions


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Ed were do you find stuff like this ??
Hunt and peck keyboard search master.... and timing! Lol! I was on the lookout for these mugs to add to my collection for quite some time and I finally found a listing at Etsy. At first I didn’t buy them and it was bugging me because you just never see these come available and it’s a good thing I waited because a few days later she discounted them by 20%! So I ordered them. All the way from France and they got here in 7 days!
holy shit! WOW! that beats mine! I've seen them labeled Property US Army but never on a key and Air Corps! where in the hell did you "find" that rare treasure? damn!
I wish. A typewriter collector posted it as his new acquisition. Didn't know they made them. Only two minor differences between that version and mine. The shift key and the degree +/- key. Mine below:



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Army trained me to touch type in 1994. 10000 key strokes, zero errors at 35 wpm. Very novel way of identifying the AAF letter set. That Degree plus minus key would be for navigation briefs... Other Army Corps just head to the gun fire.. ;)
The legend (little piece of card paper under the glass in the key) was often changed by typewriter dealers, services and government agencies but the key itself always performed a shift key function. Take a look at the other exampled above and you will see a label for Sherwood Typewriters of Twin Falls.


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look at me! I'm A DONUT DOLLIE! :D

I'm into the ephemera and lifestyle of the WWII soldier and got interested in the mobile canteen aspect of it... Doughnuts were an easy item to make and offer through mobile canteen trucks. I located an exact matching hand made wire serving basket as seen in these Red Cross doughnut dollies photos. Vintage baskets are hard to find, expensive and usually rusty. These modern ones are indistinguishable from those made in the 30s and 40s and perfect for WWII mobile canteen and Donut Dollie re-enactors. I added a vintage YMCA Serves Our Boys In War pin and a vintage American Red Cross Canteen Service card to decorate it!

Now I need to buy some donuts!



These exact replicas of the wire baskets used by the mobile canteens during WWII can be had at

They offer 2 different makes in various sizes but they have been discontinued! However they still have about 140 still in stock ready to ship. I chose the 18Lx13Wx2H as this seemed to match the size the Red Cross girl is holding in the photos.

Version 1 is handmade with rust-resistant, food-safe lacquer coating on steel wire: (hand wash only, not dishwasher safe)
Version 2 (that I purchased) is handmade with food grade STAINLESS steel and is Dishwasher Safe:




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I thought I was done with collecting WWII era pencils but these caught my attention. Two Salvation Army 1944 pencils with white plastic ferrule and "Our Fighting General Douglas MacArthur" patriotic pencil with black paper ferrule.

decent shape for nearly 80 year old pencils... the Salvation Army ones piqued my interest because of my affinity for the Mobile Canteen Services of which they were also a part of.