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50 cal can be pretty general in firearms terms ,pistols,rifles,machine guns all use 50cals in various lengths


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I don’t have it in hand yet but I’m pretty certain it’s a .30 CAL I don’t know if it’s a ball or a dummy round but I feel it’s legit considering if someone was trying to pass off This thing has historically significant they probably would have etched in a location like Normandy or something silly like that on it as well so being it’s simplified and the numbers have a very vintage style to them I’m thinking it’s legit and trench art using bullets was very common…


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Looks like 7,62 russian ..( Cal 0.3) fired..
..see here..
Brice, damn, I remember how many soldiers made different souvenirs from 7.62 and 5.45 bullets in the war ...
I still have a dried scorpion sitting on the bullet for memory ...was made by my friend who was the big master for such handmade things.
To be honest, I would never attach a bullet as a puller to my flight jacket. But it's me ... In addition, the bullet is heavy enough for this, it would irritate me that it hangs there :)
But If the Edward's find is really from 1943, then of course it probably has some kind of story.


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Guess one might get stopped at most of the worlds civilized security checks in airports with this thing around his neck... Whether a live ( tracer, explosive ...) bullet or filled with Cobalt or lead... A “no go” at most of these pre-boarding checks...
I Korea, Japan and most probably same in the US... its an offence and might become very costly ( trying to board an aircraft with this thing on you ).
So wear it with pride... far away from commercial airliners...;)
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I bought it knowing there was a good chance it wasn’t authentic. I didn’t pay much for it and it’s hardly noticeable as a zipper pull. I keep checking to make sure it’s still there! Lol! At least I didn’t have to make it myself and I liked the date inscribed on it! Ya, I certainly won’t go to the airport with it on lol!


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See the Nato Cal 0.3 design.View attachment 30654
That photo says “West German” So post war. Also NATO was formed in 1949. I did some research and found quite a number of comparison photos of 30 CAL bullets and mine matches the 1930s and 40s era version with the non-tapered back… But I still can’t be for sure that it’s authentic. I’ll try to find that photo again