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my latest acquisitions

Rory Schultz

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OMGinger snaps! Hey guys I have to tell you what just happened! I got a phone call from a scammer doing the "Grandpa I am stranded and need help scam!" This guys calls......says," Grandpa is that you?" I played along and said "Yeeeeah" he says, " Grandpa its me, I am stranded in Montana." I smile..."okay" He asks, " Grandpa do you remember me?" I go on and say, " Yeeees. I know who this is." ( I knew immediately it was a scammer I don't have grandkids) He tries to go on saying "Grandpa I need your help....." I interrupt him by asking, " You are out of Prison?" He tries to reply but I.......I keep cutting him off midsentence by asking, "How did you get out so soon? I thought you had another 10 years before a chance at parole?" He again tried to say he needed help he needed some mon...…..I still kept interrupting him, saying," it was shameful what you did to all those little",...….He says, " Whaaaaat?" I go on to say, " yeah, sodomizing those poor little chickens until they died, but then cooking them up for your buddies to eat!" " How shameful, how revolting!!" This guy keeps trying to say something but I keep cutting him off....." But then to brag about it at work saying that you videotaped it all!" He was getting frustrated and tried to say," but grandpa, grand..."......I cut him off again saying, " How shameful and to do all this knowing you are infected with HIV....how could you son?" (he is stammering but...but) " "Then to bring further shame on our family, the whole situation being played out on tv news and your going to prison to become some punks BITCH letting the whole family down! " This scammer is now freaking out then yelled at me, " ARE YOU GOING TO SEND ME SOME MONEY TO HELP ME GET OUT OF IDAHO? " I said, " Idaho? I thought it was Montana?"
This scammer is getting really aggravated and yells, " MONTANA, I meant Montana, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT!" I responded, " Sorry son, I'm broke now, I gave all my money to the " Save The Chickens Foundation " ….He yelled at me saying "you sorry son of bitch for giving all the money away to that stupid foundation!" He hung up I started falling down laughing so hard I was tearing up. I wished I had recorded it. It was all impromptu...…. it would have been awesome to share it on Instagram.

Happy Hooligan

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So I went to an estate sale today because of a pic of a herringbone USMC HBT, but found so much more. I got the jacket, then I found the wwi cartridge belt, then I found the T-shirts and then in the dark basement with the light of my phone I found the gloves and the name tag. I didn't realize who this belonged too. Probably either love him or hate him type of guy. Great stuff either way. I passed on his flight suit as it was too much and wouldn't fit me. Can anyone date the gloves for me?

Rory Schultz

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Here are a couple of my cowboy hats AussieMeister! . The top one was my father's, Bradford custom made 7XXXXXXX Beaver, the other is a Resistol 7XXXXXXX Beaver, Black one is Stetson 4 XXXX Beaver and the Aussi slouch is a FARYEFIELD of Melbourne 1968. I used to wear hats a lot....I rarely wear them anymore.
In case you guys did not know about the No. x rating. It stands for the percentage of beaver that is mixed example 7 X means it is 70% 4 X is 40 % beaver pelt mixed with other fur, chiefly rabbit fur. And it also stands for how tight the weave is and or compressed. The 10 X is 100% beaver pelt. All of those that are over the 10 X example: like 20 X those are beaver pelt and chinchilla pelt. Those hats run in excess of 5000. U.S. I use to have more than 40 different cowboy hats of differing styles and periods. But I would dress them out like along the pencil curl of the brim or base of the crown, add either plain leather, beaded leather, satin or gold bullion and even hammered silver. When I wore them out to places someone would be wowed over by the dressing out on them and they would come by my studio and I would let them pick out one of mine to purchase. It was also how I got people interested in seeing and purchasing my artwork also. My most valuable hat was a Mexican Sombrero from circa 1890....it was covered in gold bullion. Most of my hats and a ton of other stuff was destroyed when my studio burned back in 1996.


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You can insure up the arse but old kit is impossible to replace at any cost.

Chinchillas? Sterling Archer made Chinchilladas out of those?