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My last A-2 (hopefully) - Good Wear


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Thats a lovely looking A-2 Nick, and the fit to my eye is spot on son.
Thanks! Here’s a pic. Unfortunately it’s going to be about 85F here today.


RWs has its fans and critics but it is my fav maker. The collar is a work of art. I think the label is a little wonky with the light combat cloning. Kind of a neat feature.


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I’m 5 months into my Platon order now. Emailed them every month. I’ve never received a reply from them and my 6 month PayPal deadline is coming up. Thinking about canceling it.

Having faith that the product will be delivered can be a little daunting the first time round.
I think we all have to go through the uneasy transition of "having a little faith".
Trust in our experiences, it will come through.
Only once you've overcome this barrier can you truly be ready to pull the trigger on a Goodwear with a 1-2 year wait!

P-47 thunderbolt

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I'm really toying with the idea of putting down a deposit.....
Badly want a roughwear or monarch in size 42 but being I the UK I'm worried about getting hammered with import taxes and fees.
Anyone in UK have an experience ordering a GW.
Worried it could end up being £1,600 or more


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I would recommend not shipping anything by usps. Very dicey these days. Are the fees different in Europe depending on which country your importing from? Here it makes no difference. An import is an import. 13 percent tax plus duty. Doesn’t matter if it’s coming from Japan thousands of miles away or Buffalo 100 miles away.