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My last A-2 (hopefully) - Good Wear


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For sure. Had one but it was too small. I guess if this one shows up with any issues I’ll have to pound salt considering there’s no way to contact them.


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Out of curiosity, what contract is it?
For what it's worth:

And John's description from his DVD:
This jacket is a reproduction of a WWII Type A-2. The contractor represented chose not to have their company name on the label, as did a number of other contracts, so this pattern is known as a 27753 A-2. The jacket is known for being very comfortable to wear and is almost always made with russet leather, a Conmar zipper, and the Army Air Forces shoulder stencil. The customer who ordered this jacket requested darker leather, so this particular leather is cowhide called English Pub Coffee. It has a striking resemblance to the leather used by Aero in their 21996 contract A-2. Note the original WWII Rau Fastener Corp. snap backs.

The patch stitch marks you see are from that first owner. As I recall, he owned the piece for less than a year, passed it on to someone who passed it on to me.


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Vermont espresso was another
Looking back at some of the old threads I wonder where these jackets are residing now


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Honestly, I'd keep that. It's special enough that it's a keeper. It's also just a hell of a beautiful jacket.
I would, but it never really fit me -- even differently now since I've lost weight, so I never wear it. Figure I can use it to finance one I'll wear. :)

It really is a great jacket from John; nice Conmar zip and terrific knits.


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Totally agree - John's Horween beautifully captures the pliability of vintage A-2 jackets.

Mind you, this one was lightly combat-cloned, but I think it was mainly just John wearing it. :D It’s also a 46 (just like the jacket Burt sold me) rather than my usual 44, but I’ve elevated my jacket enjoyment by no longer caring.

It definitely has that “drape” you see in WWII films which is often neglected in repros. Idk, maybe we need to start a thread on examples of this in film. I know many of the WWII flicks used civilian A-2 derivatives, but I’m sure our collective group could put together a period montage.

I’d say this hide, along with that cowhide I posted earlier, are two good choices for that look.