My last A-2 (hopefully) - Good Wear


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Where's everybody still standing with their orders?

I'm boring and haven't changed...

27752, Italian HH.

Just realised that I started this thread June last year so half a year gone fellas, it's getting closer!
First contract: Aero 16160 in russet Shinki.
Second contract: And A-2 without collar stand in seal brown: either a Dubow (now that I moved on my Platon Dubow) or an Aero 18755. Gotta make up my mind on that one.
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Off-topic, but quite possibly the most beautiful corner of the world I've ever visited... And not just only the landscapes. The people, their attitutes toward life- and what is important and what isn't. Oh, and the food and wine...
I also have to comment here. I absolutely LOVE the South of France. I used to visit often back in the day.
The coastline north to South, Lacanau and Hossegor areas... surf is fantastic! The little towns, the food, the forests...


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I have been « avoiding » this thread to keep my mind off it as I only sent my deposit in October. I have been looking at the 39-2951 Werber, but need to look into the differences with the 33-1729 Werber @Mr. Mike mentioned.
This said, I really love how the grain is coming out of the goatskin on the M-422 I picked up from JC’s sale page and am wondering if I should actually go for one that is measured to me (I’ve been exercising so chest is a little snug). I have some time to decide and am wearing an Aero Merino Irvin as I type this to save on the heating bill!