My last A-2 (hopefully) - Good Wear

Mr. Mike

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Whoops! Did not mean to do that. Sorry Mike!
  • Monarch 23378 or RW 1401-P
  • RW 1401-P AND a Bronco or Dubow
  • RW 27752
  • Aero 16160
  • Werber 1729
No worries, don't felt offended ;) . I see I'm rolling up the list with an underdog candidate, but let's wait for our fair reviews - I'll accept your adjustment after humbled recognition of the result :p:cool:


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I have a Bedale like yours, but mine's a bit newer. I wear it around town in rainy weather. I'm a shorter guy, so the inch shorter length suits me better than the Beauford (plus I know how to pronounce it). I also have a Barbour Border which I've worn for over 40 years. I mat be more weathered than yours. I've patched it and replaced a pocket. It's been in the field on many an upland and duck hunt and been rewaxed often and the two of us are showing our "patina".

London Cabbie

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I think the Bedale is a great jacket. Lately seen some really nice vintage ones being worn. Bought this cheaply and sent to Barbour for clean, repair and re wax. Have now got 3 Vintage, Classic & Black.


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Holy cow. Both jackets are great, but that Rough Wear is a stunner. Agree with Burt’s comment about it looking like an original. :)
thanks gents. I prefer the Aero just a tad more, though I feel the RW wins in the pictures. Also, each has very different collar snaps. Aero pockets are as square as Aeros come. Not sure whether or not the original owners added length, but the 44 Aero feels much shorter than the 46 RW. Dark seal works better on me, but I’ll forever be indebted to russet. Also, I very much like the decal. Doesn’t spoil the jacket for me at all. This one’s worn off to the point of it looking cool.


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I totally second that opinion. Photos like those of Nick's jackets are what made me go for GW. Those jackets could pass off as originals any day, Nick!
Makes putting down that $200 deposit and the long wait completely worth it Lorenzo!

I've thrown a load of cash at jackets over the years, some have worked, some haven't, but I've never looked forward to getting a jacket as much as this GW.

Like I wrote in the very first post when I started this thread, I should have done this years ago!