My FIVESTAR G1 has just arrived (well last night)


Okay so I took the plunge after reading so many rave reviews on Shawn's quality products and customer service and ordered a custom fit 55J14. The measurements were based on my Irvin B Foster 42 fit and for the most part they match (see below for further info). The jacket arrived yesterday which was quick since Shawn only emailed to say it was on its way a few days back - can't moan at that & customs charges were not applied either. In fact although I will list Pro's & "Cons", I won't be moaning at all because for the money and the fact it is a current day reproduction and not original, it would 1. Be silly to & 2. Not reflect the actual quality of the jacket build fairly.

So before you get to the photos, here is my list which may help others yet to order;

  • The jacket is the 1.2mm goatskin offered and is a beautiful textured and smelling leather (no chemical smells here). I can see it ageing just nicely with wear and will certainly be warm enough for Autumn & Winter wear for me. Go less if you want a lighter jacket.
  • The collar Shawn originally sent me photo's of wasn't to my liking. The fur was too long for me looking Chewbacca-like, but as with the rest of Shawn's customer service he did not hesitate to change it for the style I love and can be seen below
  • The collar colour matches exactly to my requirements
  • The measurements (on the whole) are accurate considering it is all communicated over email and I suppose some guess work. The shoulders are wider with the body tapering down as requested.
  • The overall quality is excellent. It really does not feel like a "cheap" jacket at all and to think it is made to measure is unreal really.
  • No lining colour dye issues as having been reported previously. I have worn a white t-shirt with no bleed.
"Cons" - Well nitpicking really
  • I wanted the length to match my Irvin B. Foster where the rear is actually a little shorter so you get the front drape look. The front should have been 26.5" but has come in at 25.5". Apparently inches matter :) so ideally that extra inch would have just sat perfectly for me below the belt line but I'm sure it will be a topic for a fitting debate anyway
  • Because the front was requested longer, its actually the waistband that has been lengthened and not the leather so it is wider at the front than the rear - not a massive difference though
  • I thought the waistband would be like an original G-1's pattern as it was custom order and I sent photo's to Shawn of this BUT it was probably my fault not stating it in text exactly how I would have liked it with the reference photo - again no biggy
  • The Seal Brown cuffs and waistband I thought would be a bit darker
  • The USN stamped below the collar is yellow as opposed to the gold look it has in the FiveStar catalogue
As you can see the "cons" really are minor issues.

Photo's below with fit photo's to follow


IMG_7721 2.JPG
IMG_7722 2.JPG
Irvin B Foster length vs Fivestar