My Five Star A-1 Jacket


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Hello All:

Sorry the photos are not better but wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Shawn and the Five Star team for the superb custom A-1. Great communication, all of my requested choices: Premium seal brown steer hide, horn buttons, seal brown knits, seal brown thread, brown cotton lining. Did a nice job on the label as well. The dimensions I wanted corresponded exactly to Five Star's Medium on their jacket sizing page. With my short arms I did ask for 1 inch less in the sleeve. 10 days from first email to arrival. Loved that photos were sent of the finished jacket with someone holding a tape measure over it to show measurements. All this for $250. My first retail/new jacket purchases in a few years and I am 100000% happy. As much as I don't wear leather anymore, I was missing an A-1. I have a love-hate relationship with the A-1. Love the overall style, don't like capeskin or anything close. Although opposite of the style, I like a more structured, heavier weight leather. Also, LOVE seal brown which I know is not an authentic color. Totally recommend Five Star based on my experience. The premium steer hide is really excellent, the workmanship is top drawer. Thanks Shawn and to your crew for the stellar work.



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I've only had one capeskin jacket in hand that I liked, and I get the dislike of it as well. A lot of it is just unappealing to me, and sans the GW I had, I opt for HH or Cow instead. Also not hot on Goat, so my taste is narrower than many here.
I like the jacket above - I think the hide was a good choice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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I’m not an authority on capeskin, that’s for sure, but from what little I know about it, it was used as a relatively thin light weight, warmer weather flight jacket back in the 1920s and 1930s. It was more like a wind breaker in an open cock pit . Additionally since the engines of that period blew a lot of oil spray it was a protective jacket. Occasionally during colder weather the jacket was used as an under layer for a warmer coat over the top . That steer hide is great looking and will prove to be a more versatile jacket in cooler weather. It will also break in and age nicely with time.
Congrats with that one John!
BTW would love to see more photos of that about a year from now once it really breaks in and ages a bit. :)Thanks


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thanks all, yes, looking forward to wearing this one, its super comfortable and is the exact fit I was hoping for.


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That looks great CBI. Good to hear you're back to leather and got one that not only looks great but is a joy to wear.

The detail photos you have posted are really impressive, the stitching and quality apparent looks like a lot of jackets 3 or 4 times more expensive.

It really feels like 5 Star are changing this hobby for the cash conscious buyer with every jacket they bring out.


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Looks great! I though about getting it...but few days before ordering I rewatched The Great Waldo Pepper...

The A-1 will be the next one for sure, my Valstarino-style blouson is getting pretty long in the tooth already.