My facebook has been hacked, not sure if I can get back on , note to all here ......


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Hello all my followers of my leather Squadron and Group WW2 patch making , my facebook account ahs been hacked by some jerk now using my name and an icon of one of my patches , I'm locked out or suspended now by him or facebook for unknown reason , he has started deleting my images on my pages that I "was " an admin on os he's a crafty SOB, anyway , anyone wanting to order leather unit patches of WW2 aviation types best to direct message me via this forum .

Johnny Signor


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My Hotmail got hacked and it linked to eBay. $200 on PS5 game codes sent through messages. It recognised the eBay access from a different device but Afterpay did not twig or ask for a password.

Sorting it with everyone now.

Update your passwords Gents!