Mouton Collar Replacement

Discussion in 'Care / Preservation' started by bluemax, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. bluemax

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    Does anyone make a replacement mouton collar for the G-1 jacket.
  2. robrinay

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    Sheffield UK
    Finding vintage Mouton in the correct colour/fade, isn’t too difficult if you check out antique shops, vintage clothing shops, charity shops/thrift stores etc. But beware of cheaper Mouton coats that are made up of small pieces invisibly sewn together - a common practice in the furrier industry. Cutting out a piece and sewing it onto a G1 collar is a bit more difficult and probably best done by a tailor experienced in sewing fur. P.s. suitable pieces of mouton also come up on eBay from time to time - there’s a U.K. seller called fuguey who has a complete collar and a couple of pieces of mouton listed currently and another called dotsells who has listed a mouton coat.
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  3. Ken at Aero Leather

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    Search for a vintage "Beaver Lamb" coat. That'll make the best part of half a dozen or so collars. The skin is Sheep tanned and finished to resemble Beaver
    That's identical to WW2 USN Mouton and is what Aero used in the early years and I know John Chapman did the same, whether he still does or not, I'm not sure
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