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Mothball smell


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Dino, what we are all chomping at the bit to know is; 'did you chuck out those coffee beans or did you brew a pot?'


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Fuller's earth, often used in cat litters etc, is an effective - and cheap - absorber of smells and aromas.
Fullers earth must just about the only thing I have not tried over the years, first time I have heard of it.
I have found that nothing I have ever tried has really made a big difference to a bad smell. when you google for solutions baking soda comes up the most but the vast majority do not tell you is that you need to change it every 24 hours, something I have never done so maybe that's why it has never worked for me.
Kitty litter likewise has not worked for me.
I am amazed at the effects of coffee beans, 80% of the smell gone after three hours and virtually all gone overnight.
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