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Mold in Closet. Leather Coats exposed to it...


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@JonnyCrow If I use a bottle and sprayer (50/50 Vinegar/Water) Do I just wipe it off with a clean cloth right away or if I should soak how long? How do you tackle the inside fabric area, same method? And then air dry?
Just leave for 5 minutes to allow the cure then air dry, white vinegar has very little odour when dry

Dumpster D

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I had a pair of leather gloves that smelled up the whole room bad...with mildew and mold, tried using the vinegar treatment, didn't seem to work, tried again, then it smelled of vinegar...then it dried completely, the mold smell was gone, the vinegar smell gone...and the gloves smelled lovely like fresh leather. it took a few weeks or more.

Change the environment, keep things dry and ventilated. Sunlight and fresh air are the mortal enemy of mold.


This may sound like a silly , but will a jacket smell like vinegar after the water/vinegar solutions n is applied and everything is dry?
If you're using a diluted solution (which you should be) then the odour shouldn't be overly strong.

It'll go fairly quickly. You should though be using a conditioning agent anyway afterwards which obviously combats that.

That's how it was done on robust leather at the museum I worked at.
Which conditioning agent might be recommended?

Lord Flashheart

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I used a white vinegar / water mix on jacket mould on a friends mall jacket and then hung it in sunshine to get good UV exposure. As my friend doesn't like vinegar I was concerned about the smell after treatment but there wasn't any and she was happy with the result.