missing link?


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I am me. Sometimes I’m a grumpy prick. Probably shouldn’t bother looking at forums when I’m like that but I don’t pretend to be anyone else. I don’t get all neat and tidy just to present myself all the time as such. Ha.
Sounds like me, and that of course is all part of being human.


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Thanks for that mr Smithy, only problem is that my wife doesnt let me sleep with other women or go to the pub, i am also retired and cant afford a lottery ticket!, i also live in a cardboard box next to the motorway !. Will give it a try though.
Mate I'm all about easy solutions and yours is easy, ditch the wife and take up Vegemite! :D

When she was pregnant, my wife would eat Marmite spread on banana.....
Christ on a bike that's just horrific. Mine had a stage with ice cream and gherkins and I thought about an exorcist but Marmite on a banana is divorce material.


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soooooo, here ya go, guys. as i have have been collecting originals for many years, i have and have had basket cases, that i have put aside in the event that parts may be needed in the future for restoration [see parts car for that 356 resto]. at some point having read the many threads about the phantom contracts, i gave a thought to what if? the thought grew into an obsession,, and i talked over the feasibility of creating an "unknown a-2 contract" with our master, steve. the idea was to make an a-2 that for all intents and purposes had all of the hall marks of a pre war 1930s a-2, but leave just enough of a cookie trail so that the guys who knew their shit would be able to see what was what.....dd not included, as he knew from the out set what was being made and with what, and from where. in brief, the body and sleeves are from a rough wear 1401, as is the collar [from a donor 1401] the zipper, label, and hardware are indeed from a basket case pair of switlik flight pants. other parts were fabricated to suit the project. yes, a fantasy jacket. why? because out of curiosity, i wanted to. i am glad that so many were entertained by this thread by doing their sherlock holmes, and angels on the head of a pin thing.....at least it wasnt a long winded dissertation about el cheapo repros.
People hear what they want to hear, so information coming from someone who’s to be respected will typically be taken at face value, even when it’s false. If this hoax was posed by someone unknown it’d be a better test. Next time. ;)

And what’s all this stuff about Marmite? I get the impression I must try it and may hate it too.