Memphis Belle Debut at NMUSAF

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    Any of you guys attending the weekend-long debut events at the National Museum of the US Air Force (Dayton, OH) for the Memphis Belle debut in a couple of weeks? I’ll be in and out on Thursday and Friday. I know there will be a lot of re-enactors there. Assuming the weather permits, I’ll be sporting my ELC Weber, though I don’t yet have my Wright Field spearhead patch (on it’s way!).
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    i always wondered why the wright field spear head faces left. kinda funny w right-left. and the reason is?.....
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    On aircraft, it changes direction depending which side of the plane it’s on. No idea about the patch.
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    Texas Gulf Coast
    the arrow head points, from the bearer's view, left or to the "sinister" side representing attack or advancing. The right side known as "dexter" would represent honor or peace. As an example the eagle in the seal of the U.S. holds an olive branch in the right talon and arrows in the left. Just my opinion from a heraldic point of view. It is interesting that "wright" means builder and Wright field was a test and experimental installation.

    right, rite, wright - homophones.
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