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Members Only Grey Moto Italiano Classico Corsa d’Anno


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Hi Cooper, it’s difficult to see from the one view of the back picture you’ve posted, but have a look around the forum and you’ll see that the sort of jackets and era, either original or reproduction is that this forum is largely focused on, and it isn’t really what you’re asking about.

From the pic the jacket you’re looking for is not my “cup of tea” at all and I’m left wanting to ask the same question as Silver Surfer.

I don’t mean to be rude in any sense, but I think you need a different forum to find the answer you seek.


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Mate, as the lads have said, it’s not really the kind of thing that this forum is about. It’s a good thing that you know who made it, which is half the battle. A quick Google revealed that Members Only are still around, (which surprises me), although they don’t appear to be selling anything like that one nowadays. I would guess that it was produced for a season, then discontinued as is the way in the fashion industry. I seriously doubt you’re going to get one new, so second hand would be your best bet. Keep your eye on Ebay etc. Good luck with it.