Martin Lane G1 flight jacket (1968): Correct thread(s) to sew replacement cuffs and waistband

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    Hello everyone,

    I purchased a lovely Martin Lane G1 with mouton collar produced in 1968. Unfortunately the cuffs and waistband have been savaged by moths, they are brittle and falling apart. I have bought a replacement set in seal brown from Larry and have handed it all over to a seamstress. She will begin unpicking the thread shortly to remove the old set, and will sew the new set on, sewing the new thread through the original holes.

    I still need to provide her with the correct thread to sew the new set on. She pointed out to me that different thread was used to sew inside the jacket than outside.

    Can anyone tell me what the correct thread(s) are and where I can acquire the correct thread(s) for her to do this for me please???

    Any guidance anyone can give on this would be hugely appreciated.


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