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Madras Maiden repainted as Ye Olde Pub!


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75 years ago today, December 20, 1943, an incredible display of mercy occurred between two countries at war. German Luftwaffe pilot Franz Stigler disobeyed orders and escorted a crippled B-17, "Ye Olde Pub", piloted by Charlie Brown, to safety.

Today, in honor of this noble gesture, we announce the repainting of our B-17 as "Ye Olde Pub" and look forward to flying with you in 2019.

-The Liberty Foundation



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So Madras Maiden will get new paint! Exciting! Especially since this is one of the most inspired stories I have read of the Air War in WWII.


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Agreed. They were getting some criticism for not being a tribute plane and having a modern pin up on the nose… I think this is a very fitting way to utilize their B-17!