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MA-1 knits advice sought


Hi Everyone!

First of all, thank you for presenting lots of information in a format that is interesting to browse and learn. I am a (mostly) leather jacket guy, but I am starting to get interested in some of the nylon military flight jackets. I was able to spot a 1964 MA-1 when I saw it in a vintage shop, and picked it up thanks to what I learned in these forums. It seems to be in pretty good shape, except one of the two sleeve knits has some moth holes. I have a couple of questions for the collective expertise here:

1. Is there a way to stabilize the holes so they do not grow any larger as I wear the jacket? Do these kinds of holes tend to get worse and unravel more over time?
2. Is it better to replace the knits, or keep the originals, even with the holes? I get the sense it is easier to replace nylon jacket knits than leather.

I included a couple of pictures of the holes, in case that helps. While it is not necessarily a rare jacket, I don’t want to do anything dumb to it that I regret later. Thanks for any advice anyone is willing to share.


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It’s better to keep the original knits . Those do not need to be replaced at this point just repaired . Keeping a jacket in its original condition is the way to go if possible .
Morning Burt yes I'd agree if they can be saved, I had to buy as the knits on the N-445A are confetti, Mash seemed to be the best bet, decent price and shipping also, anything with worsted wool always got munched by moths