M422 best manufacturer


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Bebusy, no offence intended... Introduce yourself, tell us a bit about your interest in these things... and if you have any FLIGHT jackets, show us some fit pics...

Ken at Aero Leather

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I agree with this. The sales link needs to be removed asap. I am sure an admin or moderator will delete this post in due course.
It's hardly a big deal, it's not as if it'll generate any sales from this forum unless there are any saddos still hanging around dressing as "Maverick", if so .............................it's them I'd be banning for their own good.


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US-Authentic's G-1 appears to be basically an M-422 (and like all their Navy jackets, is labeled "SPECIFICATION M422"). Symmetrical pockets, and available in medium brown with a reddish rayon liner. Also choice of russet or seal mouton. $524 (yes, the handwarmer openings are optional).

A '422 ought to have a bell-pull zipper such as US-A uses on their A-2s, instead of the later paper-clip pull, but they ought to be able to make that change.
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Hey guys,

So, I’m curious. US Authentic’s G-1 is actually an M422. Its patterned after an original W&G M422 (confirmed by Mr Dover).
Now, I can’t find any pics anywhere, besides those horrible ones on the website (above).

Does anyone own one?
Whats the leather, mouton and details like?
Sizing seems off, in that measurements of a given size seem to be bigger than would be expected?
How do these compare to the other M422/ M422a repro makers etc…
Does anyone have pics?



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Brett, when I first got this sickness, I had a US A and it was miles too big i.e. read mall jacket. the leather wasn't bad but it was modern chrome tanning, there was no way in the world that thing was going to look 'old', even if you put in a concrete mixer with a load of aggregate. Construction was good though. As to authenticity, I think its between a mall and say a BK, but thats my opinion and that was 5 years ago. things may have gotten better since?