Lovely little capri bells


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Hello folks

I just want to share my latest acquisition.
I was on the search for some decent capri bell replicas and after a long digging through the internet I finally found a shop who sells what I wanted. Yes there is some chinese stuff but it is cheap material and it also looks so. And yes there are the ones from Aero Leather, but their's have a unusual shape or better said they're not what I wanted.
So the shop I found is called "Tillfo Jewelry".
They're selling a sterling silver bell for 46$ and a gold plated brass one for 21,80$. I ordered the sterling bell and look what I found in my post box today:
The ordered bell in a jewelry box, a polishing cloth, a jewelry bag and as a gift the gold plated bell also. Purchase was easy and shipping was fast, the bells are of great quality.... im absolutely satisfied


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They look great! .... I’m not sure I would ever polish one , once I put it on a jacket, but that just my opinion. Thanks for posting that .


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Wow! I'm out having a ruby at the moment but I will be having a good look at that site later this evening!