Lost Worlds CHP jacket


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A while back, Chris (siddhartha) asked me to post some photos of my Lost Worlds CHP jacket. Well, it finally "warmed up" enough this week to pull it out of the closet and jump on the Triumph. So, I thought I would snap a few photos showing some of the details of the jacket.

I have had this jacket for just over 2 years now and the leather is nice and supple (and heavy of course).


Front view

Back view


Cuff detail


It's really nice. I actually recently picked up a LW custom Easy Ryder, and will be posting a review soon.

Your CHP looks fantastic, Stuart really knows moto jackets...


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Thanks for the compliments, gents. For sure, the cut of this jacket is perfect for motorcycling. The sleeves are just a hair short on me but would be just right on someone who has "normal" length arms.

I really like the wrist mouton strip in the sleeve. That's a really nice detail and is extraordinarily functional.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your Easy Ryder, Chris.



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Old thread but does anyone know what the purpose of the oval leather piece on the chest?
I see this on some other CHP jackets also.