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Looks Like AVI is Back in the Game!


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Quite possibly. Ive often wondered why ELC dont use 'nicer' mouton.
BR and RM use it (AVI...!)... So must be available/ accessible.
Ive seen some ELC B-10s with it before, but there was only a handful (one of the London pop ups), so I know they can.

All I'll say is that I much prefer the mouton on my Buzz B-10 to that on my ELC B-10 & 15


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I want to source some good old clean vintage mouton and have my ELC B-10 and 15 upgraded. Future project.
You might consider doing what Jan and I did, and purchasing a vintage mouton coat . We got one on EBay for very cheap money and we used it to make collars for some of our jackets. Here’s a photo of one the finished collars.


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btw, the neat thing about this project of yours is that you could totally do some research into what shade of mouton appeared on the originals and try to color match it. Most of the RW B-15s that I've seen, for example, had more russet, honey-colored mouton, as opposed to the rich mid-brown that Eastman uses. This project is an opportunity for an accuracy upgrade as well as a luxury upgrade. ;)

Rough Wear 6338AF.jpg
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Greg Gale

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Wow, based on this I'm square in between 40 and 42... I needed a 42 of their G-1 though.

BTW they replied to me that the USN stencil is not on the collar, but they can put it there upon request.


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BTW AVI's updated their size chart, makes more sense now.
The measurements for the 40 and 42 are almost spot on compared to my ELC M-422As (that I no longer have...)
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Morten contacted me to decide what size to chose after they updated their size chart, so with the new sizes I'm in for a size 40. I didn't asked to put the USN stencil, to be able to exchange it if the size doesn't fit right, because I was note quite sure as it's my first repro jacket. And it's not something I care a lot, as @mulceber said, some original seemed to have it when other didn't.


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Just got around to finally putting in my order for the M-422A.
Was vacillating between the 40 and 42, but opted for a 42 (measurements close to my ELC 42, which felt a bit more comfy than the 40)
Will do the usual pics and review.

Do you have asked Morten when you can expect your jacket to be ready for shipping ?