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Looks Like AVI is Back in the Game!


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Hmmmm.... I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of that liner color of their M422 and the shape of their collar tabs is still wrong....
Can you show a picture of what you mean, regs the collar tabs?
As for liner colour, I think it looks fine.

Greg Gale

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Looks like it has the same wide shoulder as their G-1. Curious about the first fit pics. Also, would it be accurate for Korean war era patches too, or only WW2?

Other points of interest:
- Isn't it too dark?
- The waist knit appears to be too short on the photos, but that may just be an illusion.
- Does it have the USN stencil on the collar?
- The bi-swing back flap on my AVI G-1 didn't lie flat on the back but stuck out like little wings, I really didn't like that.

Otherwise I'm tempted to go for one of these.
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Since this came up, I've been looking at pictures of originals and considering what everyone's been saying, and I've concluded the following:
  • I don't see a problem with the collar tab. Yes, there are some G&F jackets that have a rounded/pointed collar tabs, but the majority that I saw were square and looked similar to AVI's.
  • Lining looks okay - I'm pleasantly surprised that it looks to be actual rayon, instead of satin-textured polyester. Shawn take note!
  • Still the same crappy talon repros. That said, originals appear to have primarily M-42 talons, with some M-39 scattered in, so there are worse contracts to use the cheapo modern zippers on.
  • Leather looks a touch dark, as Greg said, but it looks lighter than AVI's other offerings, so I think they understand that an M-422a is supposed to be lighter. I will say, it's close enough to the originals that any differences could be chocked up to lighting and computer settings - maybe.
  • USN probably should be on the back of the collar, but there are originals where it's missing too, and I'm not sure if it just faded away or was never there.
  • Waist knits indeed appear to be short, but not as egregiously so as their A-2 repros (says the A-2 aficionado).
And with that, I'm going to retreat back to the world of the AAF, where things make sense and jackets are built to give you a little belly room when you sit down. ;)
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Personally agree Jan...
I have tons of pics of originals, and the tab looks about right as does the lining colour (although Id say they copied their original which may have faded somewhat)
With originals, nothings hard and fast anyway as was recently touched on again.

My thing is the label, Id have preferred it to have been a repro of the G&F label, not generic, but thats a detail Id have preferred.

I think we forget sometimes with AVI and 5*... these jackets are a third the price (or less) of an ELC, BK, GW and Sheeley etc
We're getting a lot of jacket for the money. If you want details and minuté... You have to go for an original or high end maker.

I cant speak for the M-422A goat, but my recent Bronco is a touch darker than the earlier one, but only a shade or two. Might be the pics.
Its close to BK's seal liberty and even closer to Platon's seal.


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I don't have your knowledge, and after having checked a great number of photos and infos about the brand, the jacket model etc., I think it was time for me, so : order placed for an M-422A size 38 !
And now begins the waiting :p
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Thought Id post some pics of original G&F M-422As, just as a fun reference. Keep in mind these are early 1940s jackets that had survived a world war and life beyond.
You'll notice the variation of leather colour, collar colour & shape even, lining, knits are obviously relative etc... And of course lighting...

GF front 3.JPG

G&F M422 38 4.jpg

G&F M422 38 5.jpg



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And the mouton. I often 'bash' ELC for the fur they use, but there's some up there that look identical to what ELC uses.


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Reading between the lines (and possibly mis-reading in the process), I suspect that's by design: use slightly rough fur for the same reason you use shoddy knits: because that's what the fur and the knits looked like after 6 months to a year of hard use. Personally I'd much rather have them get that way through hard wear, but to each his own. :rolleyes: