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Looks Like AVI is Back in the Game!


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Received a reply.
Adding length should not be a problem, and the option will be added to the order form soon.
Apparently their original jacket has a 2.5" waistband height... So cant fault them there.


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Just looked at the update on AVI website. Very few photos, small photos. The color of the seal is very reminiscent of black, perhaps this is the calibration of my monitor, although ... And it's a pity that Morten used the same cheap copies of Talon again.


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is AVI auctioning off their stock? Why would they?

It's sample jackets - they differ in sizing from the standard size chart, but maybe someone will find something inexpensive for themselves.
I'd have taken Perry for new art project if it were not for the slightly wide shoulders for me.


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Yeah, if I'm being honest, I don't see any reason to buy from AVI over Five Star. You're getting a product made in Pakistan anyway, and Five Star's jackets are honestly a bit more accurate at a similar price point.

Exactly my thoughts!

When I saw the pics on the AVI website, my first ideas was: "Is Shawn now officially making the Avi jackets?!"
Very similar overall impression, same Talons, same slightly narrow waistbands....

The only really thing that's Avi-specific here seems to be the rather trim sizing....



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After AVI's last post on Instagram, teasing the "soon" release of their M422-A, I asked them when was "soon" and apparently they're expecting the pictures of it to be ready next week.
Another interesting news : AVI's website also indicates now that they have a partnership with TCB Jeans.
TCB jeans (which stands for Two Cats Brand or Taking Care of Business) is a Japanese-owned label specializing in reproducing American classic denim icons—specifically those produced between the ’20s and ’60s. Aligned with AVI Leather’s vision of recreating authentic vintage jackets, this partnership is a perfect alliance.
I'm not specially interested by jeans right now, but when I saw that there was some new stuff, I felt this thread was the good place to share it ;) !


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I'm definitely going to buy it !!! I find it great on what we can see on the pictures.
I don't know very much about vintage leather jackets, but I will try to give you my "noob" opinion about what will be my first "repro".
I'll go for size 38 as they told me to, after having taken measurements on an old jacket, hope I don't have to return it for an exchange :rolleyes:.