Looking for a Utility Jacket Belt.

Discussion in 'Vintage' started by R-975, Mar 22, 2018.

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    Hello everyone

    I wonder if any of you might know where I could get a belt to replace the missing one for my 1950s utility jacket (black leather). I don't suppose size is that critical, but my jacket is a medium (22" armpit to armpit). The belt loops on my jacket are 1.5", so I'm looking for a 1.5" belt.

    I have attached an image of some jackets of a similar era, with what I presume would be the correct style belt. A vertical rectangular buckle and two rows of stitching on the belt seems to be a common style. I think the belt required would be quite soft and flexible, rather than a typical thick leather belt you might use to stop your jeans falling down.

    Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions.


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    Hi Mike,

    Not really sure, as its not my style and I've never been in the look for one, but wondering if you could either look on eBay for a belt or maybe a similar style jacket hopefully one thats not to much expense. It may cost the at least half your left arm but ELMC may have one or maybe even a motor bike dealer; I'm thinking of Harley Davidson, Indian, or maybe an English make, someone that deals in old school bikes? Failing that you could always trail the opportunity shops or second hand clothing places.

    If that all fails then you may have to see a leather craftsman and organise them to make one for you. In Australia there's always a leather artiste in one of those kool Villagey old towns that are frequented by heaps of tourists in the back of beyond; maybe there is something similar where you live and if you take the old girl (jacket, I Mean) with you I'm pretty sure the leather person would be happy to help.
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    Hello Skip

    Thanks for your reply. Actually I hadn't thought of a couple of your suggestions there.

    I'll keep my eyes open for something suitable on eBay, but that's a good idea about getting one made. I could look out for a suitable old-style buckle, then get a belt made locally.


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