Lightweight "A-2" for the warmth of Summer...


With the beginning of Summer and the onset of warmer weather, it's time to start wearing this lightweight Avirex cotton/nylon shell jacket.

It's a cooler & lighter alternative to goatskin & horsehide, with the convenience of inside & handwarmer pockets and still offers A-2 styling.

I bought it from the Beverly Hills Cockpit store in 1995 for a C note.





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I still have my Orvis rainproofed A-2, which lacks any leather trim (I prefer that look). It is lined, and a little warmer than an unlined twill A-2 that I once owned, made in the '80s by L.L.Bean. It had cotton knits too. Very nice piece but nothing like that (or the Orvis) is being made now.


Hey Jan! When the weather gets up into the mid 70's, I'm purely shorts & short sleeves. This jacket is nice to have when the wind picks up or it starts to cool as the sun goes down. The nice thing about it is that it's lightweight & foldable, so if it heats up, you can easily stash it in a small backpack.