Let's buck up come on peoples.


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Our forefather's had to buck up, see the situation for what it is. Come out on top so to speak. Our WW2 relatives would laugh.


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The Covid war is not over. Once again I have been laid off. For an uncertain amount of time. Could be two weeks, could be two months. Depends on when the numbers go down, not sure if anyone can predict that. Meanwhile, as I say, just have to buck up and keep a stiff upper lip as they say.


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I'm not sure I understand the meaning of your posts. sorry I don't understand the language.
if it can console you I have lost my job and perhaps also the right to a pension.
for me our ancestors who died for freedom do not laugh but cry.


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Feeling with and for you …
Say thanks to cheap crap China for first selling us the C-19 original ( the only original China ever sent us)…. plus all the follow ups…
.. like …mask, testing equipment, API‘s for vaccines, equipment to produce, emergency room and hospital equipment..etc..
… now continue to buy and support cheap cheap cheap from this slavery enforcement economy … I DONT!
and yes there are alternatives!
No political ranting!