Let‘s see some A1‘s


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The bees knees! You probably want to sell that Few HH A-1 now though, I heard that the sixth owner is usually the happiest. :D


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John, your Freewheelers 37J1 looks absolutely fantastic, what a gorgeous leather!
In case you decide to sell your The Few HH A-1 - I'm interested to buy it from you, I'd take it instantly. Its size 44 looks quite unusual for you but is going to be just perfect to me!)
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Lovely jacket John, but olive? Surely that's russet not olive green - as an ex printer I know I'm not colour blind and the guide is first and foremost flesh tones and you look fine! Nonetheless great jacket that fits you well!!


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Of course! .... I should have known that .... your jackets are in great shape especially your original A2........My apologies:(


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speaking of hangars. we recently moved houses and I walked into the new closet to find two of my a2s on hangars. I was quick to take them off and inform my wife of that no no. I proceeded to shove those two a2s onto a shelf.