Leather Flying Jacket


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I have been contemplating getting a Irvin flying jacket for a while now and have narrowed the makers down to Aero Leathers, Aviation Leathercraft and Simmons Bilt.
I would be interested in forum members opinions of the above makers jackets?


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Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of existing information regarding Irvins and those makers already on this forum so rather than rehash it all over again give the search function a try.

Also, it would be good to see you post an intro in the relevant section too.


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Aero out of that bunch if you want the most accurate reproduction. Aviation Leathercraft make very well made jackets but they're not terribly accurate. Their standard jacket has incredibly thick, dense fleece. In terms of Simmons Bilt, I know nothing about their Irvin nor what it is like.

If it was me, I'd go for the Aero.


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Thanks for the welcome.

I have always liked nice clothing but I find I have moved away from mainstream to really appreciating the old school biker and military classics, built for function rather than fashion.

TBH it was Aero's Coastal Command jacket that has got my attention but I have discovered Simmons Bilt do a similar jacket so just trying not to catch a cold on my potential purchase, there may even be other options that I am not aware of.

Not too bothered about historical accuracy as the jacket will have to be a repo as I have a 48" chest and I have not found an original in that size without a hefty price tag.

For reference here is the Simmons Bilt offering http://www.simmonsbilt.com/military/coastal-command.html


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If Irvin repro: Aero!
..all others are for some, well made pure inventions in matters of construction, details and appearance.. but surely not accurate at all (if compared to the WW 2 originals... ).
All a matter of budget and or personal preferences...


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Does anyone know if the current Eastman range still use zips with plastic reinforced bottom line ?