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Leather 22nd Photo Recon. Patch


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Not bad, but acrylic paints would allow you to make a drawing more accurately, and after drying, they can not be distinguished from the paints of the WW2 period.


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Thank you so much for the encouragement, both of you. I've always wanted to try my hand at making these...the fascination starts young you know. As for acrylics, I definitely believe you on the superiority over enamel, but I think there's charm in recreating these with the paints that they had back in the day - oil based. No disrespect, just a personal preference.

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Its a fine line you have to walk when making these patches ,perfection is not the key but a good folkie rendition from an untrained artist to capture the essence of the period . Naive WW2 art is in a class of it own ,proud loud but not perfect . If I may make a suggestion you might want to use indian ink with a pen with a nib to out line and draw in the teeth . Your on the right track and welcome aboard .


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not too shabby, not too shabby at all. doing the patch as you did gives a nice sense of how a wwll patch would have been done on base by a moderately talented airman. stay with the enamel paint for the reasons that you mentioned, as well as the way enamel wears and ages. acrylics will not get the "look" without monkeying around with them.