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Discussion in 'Related Gear' started by Thomas Koehle, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Mexico Aguascalientes
    Just arrived straight from China (OK not straight coz it was going from China to Germany - from there to the US and now ended up down south here in MEX - all transportation done by workmates ...)

    US Mailbag from BRONSON

    I was after this one since a couple of months and finally decided to pull the trigger coz my standard bag need some rest


    craftsmanship is well done - all seams seem to be strong and sturdy and the materials (leather, fabric, fittings) are on the high-end side

    price is about 770.- rmb which equals to about 100.- Euros

    They also have a all-leather mailbag in their program for about 500.- Euros

    Will keep you posted after I broke her in ...

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