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Larger Sefton A2


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Nice looking jacket, but I am biased, I have one as well. Interesting to see that your back is smoother than the front as well. Mine is quite a weighty leather, but pliable and very comfortable to wear.


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Nice, looks pretty damn identical to my early house ELC! Wore it only this morning having not worn for ages and forgot how comfortable it is plus a nice colour russet too - my only beef is the shoulder seams extend down the arm rather than sitting on the shoulder bone, so to speak. I'm really a 44 now but it's a 42 and still fits perfectly otherwise, but the 'overhang' does annoy me compared to my GW - JC reckoned the epaulet length was more akin to a 48"!!


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Saw that listed and was tempted but looked a big size 46/48?

Looks fantastic and an excellent buy !!


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Time for an update methinks.

Sadly She Who Must Be Obeyed decreed that it looked just too baggy on my own baggy frame so the jacket is now residing on another continent in the good hands of a long standing VLJ member....