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    This is a Langlitz Columbia with several custom options: a Cossack collar, right inside pocket with zipper, leather-lined snap-closing pocket on left lapel, and a slanted zippered pocket on the external left chest. It was made in October 1994 according to the info typed onto the fabric lining of the left inside chest pocket, so it was almost fifteen years old when it came into my hands.
    Columbia Cossack front closed.JPG
    I bought it on eBay for $585 delivered in May 2009. Its condition was not as good as described, but in the end I think it turned out to be a good deal. The worst problem was that the lining at the inside left wrist was worn through. The seller paid to have that repaired by Langlitz and they replaced the entire sleeve lining.
    Columbia Cossack front open.JPG
    Other than that fault, the jacket was dirty and hadn’t been conditioned in a very, very long time. The zippers were all in good shape, but dry and therefore stiff. The pockets were surprisingly clean and the leather had no odor or damage.
    Columbia Cossack back.JPG
    I put the jacket through the washing machine with some Woolite and cold water. After that, I air-dried it on my deck, which took a few days. I'm not a fan of washing jackets and I've never washed one that I bought new, even after years of wear, but I do occasionally wash a used jacket. Next a session with Sno-Seal and a heat gun. Yes, I know some think Sno-Seal is bad, but it has worked fine for me for decades. After wearing the jacket a few times, I conditioned it a second time using Red Wing Leather Conditioner, which is too similar to Langlitz conditioner to be an accident.
    Columbia Cossack inside.JPG

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