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Knits wear and tear


Hi guys, what sort of lifespan have you got out of the knits on your repro A2s?
I have had my ELC Monarch A2 for about 4yrs and wear it just about everyday in the cooler months.
The inside of the cuffs on both sleeves have developed holes close to wear they are sown into the leather.
I thought they would have lasted a lot longer.
The holes are not caused by a watch, just by rubbing on my wrists.
The waistband knit is still perfect.

I’ve just ordered some replacement cuffs from MASH in Japan. Hope they do the trick.


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Hey Pete,

I have 6 jackets, one of circa 2012 and the knots are still going strong. But then it’s not as cold in the middle half of eastern oz, and as I have 6 I’m not wearing one particular one to death. I do wear my jackets hard and have been known to give em abuse.

One thing of note I notice ELC seem to make their arm holes quite tight maybe this maybe a partial cause, I have a 2 year old Ekc Werber which is doing well so far. Maybe their knitscwere not as good 4 years ago as most are today

Good luck and I hope you find a good sower m will be interested to hear how you go