Knit repairs in Australia


Hi lads, my ELC Monarch A2 is showing signs of wear on the inside of the cuffs.
A couple of holes and some fraying has appeared.
I have temporarily darned them but they will need to be replaced eventually and I’m hesitant to send it back the UK due to the cost.
Has anyone found a decent repairer here in Oz?



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Hi Pete, I’m just South if Sydney, and Have had mixed results, and a real bad one with a so called leather jacket maker. I know of no one here but if it’s a simple knit change I would see if you can find a really good local seamstress, if they have experience with leather all the better

There are some big line leather sowers that advertise online ifrom Melbourne if your willing to check them out. Try google


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Good place inn Perth, though probably no help to you, try and find someone who specialises in repairing motorcycle racing leathers, if you don't know one ask on a bike forum that's a good way to find a repairer with a good reputation in your state.
These are the good replacement accurate knits and you get any colour, they are in Japan, others may know cheaper sources I would ask in the general flight jacket forum.
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You can't beat ELC for their service. Had a repair to a B-3 complete a while back. They have cheap shipping from the UK too.