John Gluckow JG51451 Cotton Pique A-2

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OUTRAGEOUS price....£££

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how about this one? Much cheaper, but still Made in France:



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Indeed, used by the USAF... ^^

Appart from that, quality seems far less on the Doursoux one, but not quite bad for a 100EUR jacket, though. Could make for a nice spring evening jacket.


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For those that don't know John Gluckow, he's one of the top vintage dealers in the northeast and a downright nice guy. Back in the day, his lower east side vintage shop was a major destination for Japanese collectors into workwear and military stuff. Like Zip Stevenson and Larry McKaughan, he has a clothing line based on his collection, produced in Japan, mostly for the Japanese market (hence high prices). I still run into him now and then at flea markets to see what gems he's collected.