John, care to comment ?


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The interesting comments start half way down page 1. John, I know you knew a few people at RMC NZ, could this be correct ?


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Yeah, this sounds like a conspiracy theory. Even people in the thread point out the obvious question: if BK was a continuation of RMNZ (or something like that), why would they not advertise it? It could only help them. Similar questions abound (why is the product line so different? Why ship everything through Greece? etc.).

I've no idea why the RMNZ name is registered to BK, but if I had to guess, it has to do with the (very real) fact that RMC owns the rights to the Buco label, and BK has acquired that right in the last few years.


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I just replied to that thread, verbatim:

Having spent 26 years in Greece, 20 of them in Athens, I can verify that:

(a) if the jackets were made in NZ, they would be advertised so; in Greece, everything that is made outside of Greece, especially in fancy lands as NZ, is considered luxury and is advertised so.
(b) in the historical center of Athens, were Platon's Dubow (BK spinoff) are made - according to their website- there are numerous small leather workshops with amazing craftsmen; my own uncle in the 90's was having a workshop there sewing leather shoes and wallets for famous Italian fashion brands.