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I have an old nylon deployment jacket in the basement from my enlisted days. I found a few patches in the pocket that I never sewed on. Since the nylon jacket is a bit small for me now, I decided to place a G-1 replica on order to sew them on to. My problem now, is which to include, and how to arrange them. I would like to be as consistent as possible with historical flight jackets, while still using patches from my deployment. Any feedback would be welcome. Below are a few ideas/arrangements on a non G-1 I've used for modelling purposes.

1. This is a simple arrangement of three patches (I have a name tag patch for the left breast on order)

2. This is a busier five patch arrangement.

3. A flag option.

4. Four patch option.

I also have this heli patch on order. Maybe I could include it somewhere. Of course I don't want to get too Top Gun with it, though.


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Much Better, before you put the patches on stick in a tumble dryer on very low heat with 5 tennis balls for an hour (zipped up ) .