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Jacket fit.


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Maybe it was a warm day but he was just about to take off, so he wanted the collar off his neck till he gained a little altitude.


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Silver surfer just posted an original with this same patch. Look for his original Rough Wear 27752 post


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I agree that one is a bit large.... Anyone who has viewed many, many, (1000's) period pics knows that the trim, fighter-pilot fit is clearly in the minority, compared to the loose 'working fit' like this:


I realize that when forking-out over a thousand dollars for an A-2, one wants a decent fit, but unfortunately, the kind of super-trim fit many seem to go for really didn't exist that much in reality back then. ;)

EDIT: This one, like numerous others seen, illustrates my '8-out-of-10 rule'.... In the majority of crew pics out there, 8 out of 10 A-2's worn are comfortable looking, 'working-fits' (although there are only 9 here, the rule still applies overall):

89d2c8a897603d459aad6693b4925044 (2).jpg
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Find this so funny... ;) Its all such a matter of perspective. Its not too 'big' for him... Its not even zipped up.
He had to wear a few layers under that, plus gear on top, plus climb in and be able to move around in a cockpit.
Imagine sitting in a cockpit for 6 hours, with a tight jacket pulling up under the armpits and around the shoulders...
This fit was surely way more preferable than a tight, body-hugging fit back then.
For every photo one person uploads and feels the jacket appears to be a bit big on the wearer, another guy can post a pic of a jacket that looks to be a size too small for the wearer.
I think the super trim-fitting fighter pilot image actually took root in our consciousness from images in modern pop culture.
Too big?
88989acdea6baa77d00ab220bd843eda.jpg A2_0001.jpg cc87a7b36283520050f39af9773ef179.jpg P-47 Pilot A-2 jacket.jpg
Too small?
f1ce2ac3a53d43c5adacc74a28ece1aa--leather-jacket-mens-leather.jpg MemphisBelle.png Monarch Cpt Harvey Mace1.jpg
You got what you were given and you wore it.
Today, you can pay for the look and fit that you want (you may not always get it though :( )


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My big issue anymore: sitting down. If the hide has no “give” to it, it becomes as taut as a whalebone corset when my midsection expands. My ELC Werber, otherwise my favorite A-2, is very bad this way.
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