Jacket bathing

John Lever

After some disasters in the washing machine this is my method of cleaning. There is no agitation of wet leather/ sheepskin so mechanical stresses are minimised.
1. Fill the bath with hand warm water to a depth of about 4 inches or 10 cm. Add sufficient liquid soap flakes to produce a lather

2. Put the jacket in the water and gently massage by hand paying particular attention to the collar and cuffs. Add soap directly to these areas if they are very soiled.

3. Rinse at least twice again massaging to encourage the dispersal of soap.

4. Allow to drain for about an hour. Then roll the jacket on to a towel so it can be lifted while fully supported this is important with sheepskin. Using several towels blot and pat the jacket to dry out.

5. Allow to air dry this usually takes 3/5 days. Or carefully put inside a pillow case and spin dry. Remove from the pillow case carefully without any hard pulling. Air dry.

I have used this method a few times now and though it is not as thorough as using a washer the risks are slight.


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Thanks, John. I don't know if I could ever bring myself to use this method but it's good to know.



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Is the Dri-pak method any good at getting out perspiration stains?

(In case you don't know Dri-pak, it's pure soap flakes, no additives such as found in detergents.)