JA Dubow Mfg Dubow G-1 repro - Platon's expanding to the USN - Who wants one????


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Now this IS interesting. Platon has acquired an original Dubow G-1, and is looking to reproduce it.

I had some recent comms with him and he shared the below.

Essentially, he is looking at reproducing an "...exact replica so it will feel like a NOS original..."
Considering what he did with the A-2, I believe him.

"We will follow the USN spec size which has sizes from 36 to 48 and everybody will be happy.
Of course everything is still in the planning stage and it will be long till we can start accepting orders.
At this stage just trying to gauge demand."

Apparently he is looking to do an initial run, sometime in 2022... if enough interest is obtained.
So, not sure if this will go straight onto their catalogue, or be a limited edition run...

Pricing will be circa Euro 480 - an absolute bargain if you ask me, considering how good his A-2 is.

So, my question is, who else is interested?????

I hope theres enough support, I'd love to see this happen. Something to look forward too in 2022!

Please send any interest/ queries Platon's way (www.jadubowmfg.com), the above is all I know.
And please share any more info you get here.




Greg Gale

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Wow, here I was considering an AVI M422, but looks like I'll be waiting for this one. What do we know about this contract? Timeframe?


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I think I was already first on the list lol (but, depends on sleeve length)...
All I was told was the above, so can only assume later 2022.
Im assuming he will take an interest list and if enough people want one, he will do the run.

Id also love to know more about the contract itself.


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I found this on worth point...


Up for your consideration is a rather rare J.A. Dubow Sporting Goods Corp. G-1 MIL-J-7823 original in all its parts. J.A. Dubow is mostly renowned for its great USAAF A2 flight jackets or for baseball gloves but few people know that it had also one U.S. Navy contract for G-1 jackets in the mid-1950's.
From J.C. CD-Rom on United States flight jackets: These jackets are fairly rare, so finding an example in good condition is great. The jacket has a number of unique design features: long body and very short sleeves, front leather wrapping around the jacket as an M-422a so that the back is small a small wind flap and pockets that are far from the zipper.
The jacket is in great condition, is from an early 7823 spec. as we may see from the white "U.S.N." stencil behind the collar. The dark seal goatskin is very soft and pliable and has just some light surface scratching on the upper right shoulder as documented in one picture. The mouton is incredible for a jacket of this age, still intact with no signs of wear at all and very rich. The waistband is as new and still tight, the cuffs are a bit damaged but still completely serviceable. The blackened Conmar zipper is intact and operates perfectly with no flaws and the dark brown lining is mint. All the buttons are present and intact. Measurements: 18" - Shoulders 22" - Back between arm pits (jacket zipped) 22" - Front between arm pits (jacket zipped) 25 1/2" - Back length (base of collar to bottom of waistband) 23" - Front length (top of zipper to bottom of zipper box) 25" - Sleeve (to end of cuff) Please, check carefully the measurements as I would prefer no return for this item. Thank you.

So, the long body short sleeve worries me :oops: but from the measurements above, it looks to be within normal parameters.


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And here's another size 40..

Measurements are:
Chest- 22" pit to pit
Sleeves- 24" shoulder to end of knit cuff
Shoulders- 18"
Length- 25" bottom of collar to bottom of knit at waist, measured from the back


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I did a little digging last night and apparently (as Brett said) the sleeves on Dubow’s G-1 were unusually short. So I suspect the person on Worthpoint measured with reasonable accuracy.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Platon tries to square this. BK deals with jackets that were unusually short by suggesting people buy a long as needed. But Platon doesn’t do long sizing. But if he doesn’t have some kind of long option he’ll have a bunch of unhappy customers. So maybe he’ll just add an inch or two to the sleeves on his pattern and call it a day?


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Im sure he'll want to keep it to spec.
That said, if these are going to be a single run (initially at least), and guys are to pay up-front, then Id hope the option for longer sleeves is considered.


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Yes, I know and agree with you Jan.
I guess one can only hope that that is considered and offered as an option.

In the end its up to him I guess. Some manufacturers are sticklers with accuracy and detail and are loathe to deviate at all. Sometimes its a matter of production and materials (?)
Gary (ELC) used to be like this. Back in the early 2000s, he was adamant - no added inches, not even one. You get what you got.

I recon one argument would be that to keep costs down, they cant/ wont deviate... etc.
But I agree, how many guys will put down cash, knowing the sleeves might come out short. Even if this would be another insane high-end Dubow repro!

(we all know a few on here who have not pulled triggers on the A-2 for this exact reasons) - So here's hoping.