JA Dubow G1 MIL-J-7823 (AER)


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Hello everybody!

Is there anyway to tell an early MIL-J-7823 AER from a later one? I know the specification started in 1951 and ended in 1961. The particular one I'm looking at is made by J.A. Dubow with the contract number being N383S-47654. Im hoping its an early one as those could have seen service in Korea. Attached are images of the tag and the front of the jacket.



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To answer your initial question, JA Dubow 7823 would be Korean War era as I used to have a patched JA Dubow and I know the pilot flew night fighter missions during the war.

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the last digit of the contract #s should be an a not a 4. typical lw kinda stuff. also, look at the zipper and box. whats wrong with this picture?