Ja Dubow 27798 (Platon) A-2 jacket review and pics


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ok, i just ordered a size 42 in russett.
a few days ago by email he told me that it takes 4-5 months to get it. will it be true? :)


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Finally pulled the trigger on a size 44 russet. Will post some pics here after receive it. Hopefully not too long.

With Platon, as with several other manufacturers, I think the best policy is just try to forget you bought it, so that you’ll then be thrilled when it shows up at your door. The wait will likely be long, but the jacket will be worth it, and then some.


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Received the tracking info from Platon yesterday. Hopefully it gets here before Xmas:)


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3 months is astonishingly quick! You lucky bugger.
Seal or Russet? and in what size?
I have a hunch that, all things being equal, the colour and its demand determines the rate of delivery.


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Actually looking again at the fit pic personally I’d say its pretty much spot on! Yes probably the sleeves ride up a little at times like driving etc but otherwise looks pretty neat to me.