Ja Dubow 27798 (Platon) A-2 jacket review and pics


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Once I wanted to order a jacket from him, he answered me pretty quickly. We have discussed the sizes, shipping costs and leadtime. Then, for a number of reasons, I didn't order. Then I bought a practically new Platon Dubow from Greg when he decided to sell it.
This is really great jacket and certainly worth the wait time. However, as already mentioned here, Platon's jackets, like a John's jackets, are one man show and answers by mail, unfortunately, are not the best part of this process.
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@Flightengineer Haha, he'll reply real quick till you make the order!
I have no doubt its one of the finest A2s around!
It's not an issue with communication. I understand why he doesn't reply. Not bothered by that at all.
Personally, however, there is no reason why I should risk 600 USD once my Paypal protection expires. It's insurance, and I much rather do with that safety net than without.
Better safe than sorry! ;)


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Not trying to fan any flames on this, but I’m of the opinion that if you give a company or person a sum like $600.00 for anything, and it hasn’t been delivered in an appropriate amount of time , then the least the guy can do is return an email . I don’t care how busy he is, if he has my money, then there’s a common courtesy obligation there to at least address my concerns . If he’s too busy or over whelmed with work then he should hire someone or get his wife or kid to do it . Hell hire the kid next door to respond to emails . But to do nothing ….. that’s no good for me and probably the main reason I never purchased a jacket from BK or Platon.
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Platon replied saying that there were delays caused by covid etc., that the jacket will be ready in 10 business days (2 weeks), and will require a few more days on top of that for quality control and shipping.
If what he says is true, he will ship the jacket in approx. 3 weeks.
No problem.

I reaffirmed that I will not entertain any dealings once my Paypal protection expires and made clear that the July 9th deadline is firm.
If the situation truly is as he says it is, he will be able to give me proof of shipping within the 30 day deadline.
If not, I will file a claim. Simple. No hard feelings.

I tried my best to be clear, straightforward, firm but fair.
With the whole Heisenberg palaver, I really feel no need to expose my self to unnecessary risk or drama.


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I hope it comes through.
I think you have been very fair and patient... These are great jackets!

Makers problems should not be passed on to customers. If there are issues, communicate them clearly and offer options/ alternatives.
If anything, you'd think that would garner a more positive experience for all, and likely repeat customers.


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Yes, feel the same. Recon he'd have sold a ton more... Lucky to have my seal, but would have loved a russet.
I wonder if the folks at Headwind's new jackets will compete quality and price-wise. And will they offer long and X long sizes?
Yes we will have custom sizing to any measurements. We offer this in all of our jackets for an additional $50. Prices will be comparable. I Quality check every jacket myself. I have never had a return for quality issues. Or a return period, besides for a bigger size exchange.


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In classic Platon fashion, I have not received any replies since I placed my order on January 9th 2021.
No worries, I anticipated this from the beginning (especially given @stanier 's experience).

Tomorrow (June 9th 2021), approximately 150 of the 180 days on my Paypal protection warranty for claiming undelivered goods will have elapsed.
So, I wrote him an email telling him that I will make a claim for undelivered goods in 30 days unless he contacts me within the next 30 days with proof that he has either sent my jacket or the jacket is delivered.
I thought I should let him know my intentions as a gesture of good faith.

Just wanted to leave a record here for future reference.
Sure, but I have never heard of a single person being stiffed by Platon.


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"Sure, but I have never heard of a single person being stiffed by Platon."

Me either. Something also that is not really mentioned much that I can attest to. The parts for jackets that are truly precise reproductions are not always easy or quick to get ahold of. High quality reproduction zippers, snaps, correct knits, are all specialty items. It is not like you can just run down to the local fabric store and pick these things up. In some cases the part you need may be only made by one company in the world. It takes time to get supplies. Sometimes a lot of time. Reproductions are not fashion jackets and sometimes there are huge delays just getting parts. One time I had to wait nearly 2 months for knits. I could have went with inferior quality blended knits, but to most of us makers that really care about the fine details, those kind of compromises are just not something we are willing to make.


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Thank for sharing that insight, @Skyhawk.
The correct materials are indeed hard to source and this, undoubtedly, takes time.

But say the worst happens and Platon's business goes insolvent before delivering my jacket; who bears the loss?
I do.

Unlikely as it may be, I see no reason to take such an unnecessary risk.
His jackets may be wonderful, but no jacket (not even a GW) is worth the stress, in my opinion.
It may be blasphemous to say, but I just don't care enough about any jacket to take such a risk.

I don't know, call it a sense of nirvana or sheer irreverence but (at the end of the day) jackets are just jackets.
They should bring us happiness, not stress.